Technical helper mains mcq 2022

Technical helper mains mcq 2022

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Technical helper question pdf 2022

1. 100 V is applied t o a circuit where current flow is (10+j5)A. The active power will be


Ans A. 1000 W

B. 100 W

C. 500 W

D. 1500 W


2. Diversit y f act or is generally _______.

Ans A. Equal to zero

B. Less than unity

C. Greater than unity

D. Equal to unity


3.  If t he capacitive react ance of t he circuit is 53.2 Ω and t he frequency is 60 Hz. The

capacit ance of t he circuit is _____.

Ans A. 50 µF

B. 50 F

C. 7 µF

D. 70 µF


4. Which of t he f ollowing is incorrect wit h respect t o concealed conduit wiring?

Ans A. No risk of shocks

B. Expensive as compared to surface conduit wiring

C. Ii is reliable and safe wiring system

D. Installation is easy


5. The load on each power sub circuit in electrical wiring should normaly t o restrict ed

t o _____.

Ans A. 3000 watts

B. 500 watts

C. 200 watts

D. 100000 watts


6. The electrical eart hing is done wit h t he help of ____.

Ans A. Low resistance wire connected between phase wire and ground

B. High resistance wire connected between non carrying current part of the equipment

and ground

C. Low resistance wire connected between non carrying current part of the equipment

and ground

D. High resistance wire connected between phase wire and ground


7. Find t he average value of t he current, I(t)=10+10π sin314t

Ans A. 20 Amp

B. 10 Amp

C. Zero Amp

D. 30 Amp


8. Which of t he f ollowing is not a t echnique of electrical wiring?

Ans A. Casing and Capping Wiring

B. Lead Sheathed Wiring

C. Hampton wiring

D. Batten Wiring


9. Penst ocks, valve, gat e, generat or are involved wit h _____.

Ans A. Nuclear Power

B. Hydro power

C. T hermal power

D. Fuel Cell


10. For maximum power transfer from source t o 5-j2 ohm of load, t he source

impedance will be ____.

Ans A. J2 ohm

B. -j2 0hm

C. 5+j2 ohm

D. 5 ohm


11. Which of t he f ollowing is not a part of t hermal power plant ?

Ans A. Superheater

B. Tailrace

C. Cooling tower

D. Condenser


12. Energy produced due t o gravit ational f orce of attraction bet ween eart h and moon

or sun and eart h is:

Ans A. Micro-hydel Energy

B. Fusion Energy

C. T idal Energy

D. Geothermal Energy


13. Considering adding impurities to semiconductors, what is the abbreviation for ‘ppm’?

Ans A. Parts Per Mass

B. Parts Per Milligram

C. Parts Per Million

D. Parts Per Microgram


14. Which of the following does not have the direct correlation with the resistivity of

electrical materials?

Ans A. Age hardening

B. Temperature

C. Alloying

D. Frequency


15. A 5 H coil is coupled with a 20 H coil. What could be the maximum value of mutual

inductance between them considering no flux linkage?

Ans A. 12.5 H

B. 5 H

C. 10 H

D. 25 H


16. ‘dielectric constant’ is mathematically equal to which of the following?

Ans A. Relative permittivity

B. Loss factor

C. Polarization

D. Relative permeability


17. Considering electromagnetic circuits, which of the following is unit less?

Ans A. Permeance

B. Reluctance

C. Relative permeability

D. Absolute permeability


18. In magnetic circuits, H = ______ per unit length of core.

Ans A. Flux density

B. Emf

C. mmf

D. Flux


19. Which of the following is the cheapest among others?

Ans A. Aluminium

B. Copper

C. Silver

D. Gold


20. A two-way switch technically is called as ______?






21. In case of internal wiring, which of the following is placed between incoming service

cable and energy meter?

Ans A. Cut-out

B. Fuse

C. Main switch

D. Distribution board


22. Which of the following is used to increase the acting head on the water wheel in a

hydro electric power plant?

Ans A. Surge tank

B. Reservoir

C. Draft tube

D. Penstock


23. What is VAWT considering wind turbine?

Ans A. Variable Area Wind Turbine

B. Volt Ampere Wind Turbine

C. Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

D. Variable Axis Wind Turbine


24. If the supply frequency increases, the inductive reactance will ______ and capacitive

reactance will ______.

Ans A. increase, decrease

B. decrease, decrease

C. decrease, increase

D. increase, increase


25. For any given electrical machine, which of the following equation is TRUE?

Ans A. Input = losses – output

B. Input = Output – losses

C. Output = Input – losses

D. Output = Input


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26 Which of the following is not an atomic fuel?

Ans A. Plutonium

B. Uranium

C. Thorium

D. Cadmium


27.  For which of the following power plant, the initial cost is so high and the mass

(quantity) of fuel required per MW of output produced is less?

Ans A. Gas power plant

B. Steam power plant

C. Diesel power plant

D. Nuclear power plant


28. Shaded pole motor belongs to which of the following family of motors?

Ans A. DC motors

B. Three phase induction motors

C. Three phase Synchronous motors

D. Single phase induction motors


29. Stator of which of the following motors is similar?

Ans A. Induction motor and DC motor

B. Induction motor and synchronous motor

C. Synchronous motor and DC motor

D. Induction motor and stepper motor


30. For a short-pitched synchronous machine, (distribution factor) × (pitch factor) is


Ans A. always 0

B. always equal to 1

C. always less than 1

D. always greater than 1


31. State TRUE/FALSE for following statements:

1. A synchronous motor is a doubly excited machine.

2. Rotor poles of synchronous motor are excited by direct current.

Ans A. False, False

B. True, True

C. False, True

D. True, False


32. MT1, MT2 and GATE are the terminals of which of the following power electronics







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33. Microphone is used at ______, and loud speaker is used at ______?

Ans A. transmitting end, receiving end

B. receiving end, transmitting end

C. receiving end, receiving end

D. transmitting end, transmitting end


34. State TRUE / FALSE for the following statements:

1. An indoor sub-station is less expensive than outdoor sub-station.

2. Fault location is easier in an outdoor sub-station than in indoor sub-station.

Ans A. False, True

B. False, False

C. True, False

D. True, True


35. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a transformer?

Ans A. Windings are electrically coupled

B. Rugged in construction

C. It has NO moving parts

D. Very high efficiency


36. Which of the following is an electromagnetic transducer?

Ans A. Solar cell

B. Generator

C. Fuel cell

D. Thermocouple


37. Considering installation of transmission and distribution equipment, what is ‘ROW’?

Ans A. Red Or White

B. Right Or Wrong

C. Right Of Warning

D. Right Of Way


38. In MCCB, the alphabet ‘M’ stands for, which of the following?

Ans A. Mini

B. Miniature

C. Mono

D. Moulded


39. How many types of circuit breakers are available based on the arc quenching medium


Ans A. 2

B. 5

C. 3

D. 4


40. For which of the following type of motor, least maintenance is required?

Ans A. DC motor

B. Three phase squirrel cage motor

C. Three Phase Synchronous motor

D. Three phase slip ring induction motor


41. Which of the following effect is NOT related to transmission of electrical

power/overhead transmission?

Ans A. Stroboscopic effect

B. Ferranti effect

C. Skin effect

D. Proximity effect


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