Technical helper mains most question answer 2022

Technical helper mains most question answer 2022

1. At a high value of slip, the torque of a three phase induction motor is _____.

A. Inversely proportional to slip

B. Zero

C. Unity

D. Directly proportional to slip

उच्च स्लिप के साथ 3 फेज प्रेरण मोटर का टॉर्क….

A. स्लिप के व्युत्क्रमानुपाती होता है

B. शून्य

C. इकाई

D. स्लिप के सीधे समानुपातिक

Ans A

2. Form factor for a sinusoidal wave is given by _____.

सिनुसोइडल वेव का आकृति गुणक कैसे दिया जाता है

A. 1.110

B. 1.414

C. 1.732

D. 1.5


3. Time constant of an RL circuit with R=2 Ω and L=10 H are given by ____.

10 हेनरी तथा 2 ओम प्रतिरोध के साथ RL सर्किट का समय स्थिरांक…

A. 2 sec

B. 5 sec

C. 10 sec

D. 3 sec


4.  A single phase induction motor with single winding has ______.

Ans A. Zero starting torque

B. Unity stating torque

C. Very high starting torque

D. Very low starting torque


5.  Full load regulation of four transformers with same power rating are 40%, 20%, 10% and

80% respectively. Which one should be recommended for obtaining better performance?

Ans A. 20%

B. 80%

C. 10%

D. 40%


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6. The maximum rate at which the amplifier output can change in an operational amplifier is

referred to as _____.

Ans A. Frequency rate

B. Signal rate

C. Slew rate

D. baud rate


7.Which of the following is used to prevent hunting in a synchronous machine?

Ans A. Field windings

B. Armature windings

C. Equalizer rings

D. Damper windings


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8.  In d.c. generators, armature reaction is produced by ____.

Ans A. Damper winding current

B. Field current

C. Interpole winding current

D. Armature current


9. The eddy current loss in an electrical machine is ____.

Ans A. Proportional to the square root of the frequency

B. Proportional to the square of the frequency

C. Independent of the frequency

D. Proportional to the frequency


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10.Average emf per turn in a transformer with standard notations is ______.

4¢f volt

11. Which is a active component? | एक सकिय घटक कौन सा है?

A Inductor | प्रारंभ करने वाला

B Resistor | रोकनेवािा

C Capacitor | संधाररत्र

D Transistor | ट्ांक्जस्टर


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12. Which letter indicates the compound material

cadmium sulphide?






13. The second orbit of an atom contains 6 electrons. If it’s atomic mass is 17, then the number

of protons in it’s nucleus will be:

Ans A. 6

B. 8

C. 9

D. 17


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14. A piece of gold has a resistance of 0.8 ohm. Find the resistance of a wire of the same size

and resistivity 25 times that of gold.

Ans A. 0.8 ohm

B. 20 ohm

C. 31.25 ohm

D. 0.032 ohm


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15. Two parallel conductors carrying current in the same direction:

Ans A. experiences no force

B. attract each other

C. repel each other

D. sometimes attract and sometime repel


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16. The direction of magnetic lines of force is:

Ans A. from N to S pole

B. not fixed

C. have no direction

D. from S to N pole


17. Which among the following has highest permeability?

Ans A. air

B. diamagnetic materials

C. ferromagnetic materials

D. paramagnetic materials


18. Curie temperature is the temperature at which the magnetic material:

Ans A. starts magnetizing

B. behaves like insulators

C. looses their magnetism

D. fully magnetized


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19. Germanium atom contains _____ valance electrons.

Ans A. 4

B. 6

C. 2

D. 8


20. The phenomenon of lagging of flux density behind the magnetizing force is called as:

Ans A. Mmf

B. relative permeability

C. magnetic leakage

D. magnetic hysteresis


21. Time constant of a capacitive circuit is defined as the time taken by the voltage to rise to

______ times final value of the voltage.

Ans A. 0.5

B. 2.0

C. 0.632

D. 0.368


22. The power consumed by a pure inductance connected to an AC circuit is:

Ans A. very high

B. very low

C. Zero

D. Infinite


23. A cable having 3 strands each of gauge 20 SWG may be represented as:

Ans A. 3-20

B. 20/3

C. 3/20

D. 3/20 mm


24. The arrow head in a transistor symbol points in the direction of:

Ans A. electron flow in the emitter region

B. majority carrier flow in emitter region

C. minority carrier flow in emitter region

D. holes flow in the emitter region


25. Pendant holders are used in domestic installation, when the lamp is to be:

Ans A. fixed at an angle

B. fixed on board

C. fixed on wall

D. suspended vertically


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